Customer FAQs

What is Floating Islands?

We are a collective focused on pushing the boundaries of flavor and possibility inside and out of THC.

Where is Floating Islands produced and is it tested?

We will be launching product in CT using pure nano-suspended hemp extract extract, sourced locally in whichever New England state we are producing in. All our beverages are tested by third party certified labs for cannabinoids, potency, pesticides and heavy metals.

I love Floating Islands, how can I get it carried at my local dispensary?

Your dispensary and Floating Islands are here to serve you. Simply let your favorite dispensary know what you’re looking for and drop us a line to tell us where you’d like to find us!

What is the Floating Islands Research Group?

Floating Islands Research Group is dedicated pursuing research of the *HIGHEST* order. Check in with our pal Bradley for more details… 

THC?? Is this even legal??

YES! All of our products are infused with hemp-derived THC which is Federally legal per the 2018 Farm Bill which allows for a maximum THC content of 0.3% of the dry weight of the formula.

Drink FAQs

Does every can of Floating Islands need to be refrigerated?

While our product is shelf stable it does contain real fruit and to ensure ultimate enjoyment please store upside down (natural settling occurs), keep cold, and DRINK FRESH!

What are the effects and why all the cannabinoids?

While our offerings vary in potency and cannabinoid blends they are all crafted to be fast acting and low dose. Each person will experience the effects in their own unique way so if it’s your first time start slow and low until you get a feel for the vibe.

Why do you store Floating Islands upside down?

Every can of Floating Islands is loaded with 100% real fruit which can settle overtime, so when you flip the can right side up to drink, it gently mixes back together. Warning: don’t shake your cans—they’re carbonated!

Does each flavor have the same effect?

Our first two offerings feature the same cannabinoid profile to ensure a consistent low-dose experience: 5mg hemp-derived THC and 10mg CBD.

How do I drink a can of Floating Islands?

Drink chilled, straight from the can or pour it out into your favorite glass so you can drink it with your eyes.

How many cans of Floating Islands can I drink and when will I feel the effects?

Tolerance varies by person and the effects can be felt in as few as fifteen minutes, and for some, last one to four hours per serving. As with all cannabis drinks, start low and go slow to find a dose that works for you.

What is the full list of ingredients?

Floating Islands beverages combine pure New England cannabis extract with sparkling water, real fruit puree and other all natural ingredients. A full list of each flavor’s ingredients can be found here 

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