About Us

We’re here to connect you to the best parts of life with premium cannabis beverages. Find your flow, your focus, your journey. And come float with us.

Who Are We?

In a world that’s generally moored, there’s something that defies limits. Affected by gravitational pulls and the whims of nature, but never tethered. Never stuck. Floating islands are rides that don’t need to be steered.

Like those treasures of nature, we are our own thing. New England Cannabis advocates who believe in slowing down, seeking out premium ingredients and formulating our products to be functional and fun.

We’ll take you where you need to go. Or, maybe somewhere new and unexpected. We’ll make the journey more inspiring while connecting you to the best parts of life.

At the same time, we’re here to move everyone toward action. We fund and advocate for meaningful cannabis reform. To nudge—sometimes to shove—our society toward equality and justice.

Where there’s a journey, there’s a ride. Come float with us.

Meet the

Floating Islands

F.I.R.G. Key Values

Never Stop Learning

We seek out new knowledge everyday. We learn from people and perspectives unlike our own to expand our POV and embrace new ways of thinking.

We Are Better Together

We create a balanced, equal community of all using empathy, transparency and education to dismantle preconceived notions about cannabis and its racist history.

Best Ingredients = Best Outcomes

We’re committed to sourcing sustainable, high-quality, natural raw materials and manufacturing techniques that result in devastatingly delicious experiences.

Defy The Status Quo

We live at the intersection of science and imagination, escaping the expected to deliver the extraordinary.