What’s in your cannabis drink? Floating Islands’ breaks down of our high quality ingredients



Picture a trip to the grocery store. If you’re health-conscious, you’re accustomed to checking labels for nutrition info of any unfamiliar brands or products. You might be looking for the amount of carbs, calories or sodium, or checking for ingredients you want to avoid. 

Now imagine a trip to the dispensary. It’s not quite the same, is it? 

It’s not always easy to look at the labels. And with frequent long lines, you may feel rushed to make a decision. Most of us are more focused on the strain, cannabinoids, and terpenes, and might miss the list of additives as a result. 

There are a lot of new cannabis brands popping up, and it’s not always easy to know what you’re buying. At Floating Islands, ingredients are just as much a priority as the effects of our cannabis drinks. Here’s why we’re all about using the best ones we can find!

Why ingredients matter

While awareness about cannabis itself is spreading, there’s an education gap surrounding the canna-beverage industry. Depending on where you live and what’s available, you may not see any THC drinks at your local dispensary. This makes it exciting when one or two drinks hit the shelves — why not try them? 

The truth is, limited brands means little selection for consumers. You deserve to know what you’re buying, and should have the option of choosing healthier products. When you see our cannabis beverages on the shelves, you can rest assured they contain only high quality, natural ingredients. 

Knowing you’re making healthier food choices has mental health benefits too. Studies show that consuming fruits and vegetables has a positive impact on overall happiness and wellbeing. We want you to feel good about drinking our THC smoothies — and not just because of the effects!


What you don’t know about most cannabis drinks

So you’re curious about that new cannabis lemonade you saw at the dispensary. But do you really know what’s in it? 

Something you might not know is that a majority of cannabis beverage companies have resorted to using “natural flavorings” to create a flavor profile. But there’s no requirement for them to disclose the ingredients used for these flavorings, leaving it up to you to trust the label. 

You know those ingredients you try to avoid at the grocery store, like artificial sweeteners and preservatives? Surprise, surprise — you can often find them in the cannabis drinks on the market. And while we hate to be the bearers of more bad news, there’s something else. The cannabis many companies use for drinks isn’t always the best either. 

You deserve much more than the bottom of the barrel. At Floating Islands, we’re determined to deliver delicious cannabis drinks using only the best ingredients. We believe you’re worth it!

What’s in your cannabis smoothie?

Our cannabis drinks stand out in their pureness and simplicity. Sure, they’re complex to make. But the ingredients are a short list of whole, natural foods. The benefit? They’re more nutritious, less processed, and better for you and the environment. You can really taste the difference!

Take our 12-oz canned sparkling smoothie, for example. It’s heavy on real fruit, and contains 5mg THC and 10mg CBD from high quality cannabis grown right here in Massachusetts. 

Thanks to our commitment to locally sourced ingredients, you know the fruit in your drink was grown in the United States. More importantly, what’s not in your drink? Ingredients like preservatives and added sugars.

Cannabis and health benefits: the best of both worlds

When you only have access to products with poor ingredients, you’re forced to prioritize the effects of cannabis over enjoying a high quality product. 

With less competition in this part of the industry, many canna-beverages benefit from being the “only show in town,” even if they aren’t the best quality. But it’s not fair to you.

Floating Islands believes in providing you the best of both worlds – healthy, natural ingredients and the best effects cannabis has to offer. You don’t have to make sacrifices. Let’s drink to that!