We're elevating the THC beverage scene one delicious sip at a time. Ready to float with us?

Meet the most delicious THC-infused beverages on the planet

Our drinks are on a mission: to be the best thing you’ve ever tasted, to be shared with friends old and new, and to drive impact and action in our local neighborhoods.


Our Smoothies are packed with real fruit and THC + CBD-infused, with just a kiss of carbonation. No junk, all float.

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Floating Islands Tasting Notes

"better than a fresh cola from the soda jerk"


"still not sure what the heck this is but it's so good"


"very proud of you sweetie"


Research Log

What’s in your cannabis drink? Floating Islands’ breaks down of our high quality ingredients

Picture a trip to the grocery store. If you’re health-conscious, you’re accustomed to checking labels for nutrition info of any unfamiliar brands or products. You might be looking for the amount of carbs, calories or...

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High tech: the science behind Floating Islands’ cannabis infused beverages 

Everybody seems to know something about cannabis. How it’s made, how much it costs, which strain is the best for anxiety or sleeplessness. The topics are endless, and there’s plenty of knowledge to share.  But while...

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